Newest Series Being Shown

This is one of the two newest series called

The Faces of Depression

My Artist’s Statement for this series:

My photography helps me cope with a life-long struggle with Depression and Anxiety. Societal stigmas make most people with Depression and Anxiety problems feel as if that they have to put on a Face for the world to see, instead of coming out and being their genuine selves. That’s where the title of the series, “The Faces of Depression” comes from. The world sees a happy, content, jovial, compliant, or quiet Face. All the while, a suffering is being pushed down deeper and deeper so as not be seen by the world, and hopefully not be felt.

This series teaches that the persona people put on to interact with the world does not always reflect who they really are, or what they go through day to day. The portraits taken are of those that suffer in one way or another. Many of them shared their thoughts and what they really feel like. This is one of the few chances the world gets to see what these people are actually thinking and feeling.



The Second of the two is called

Water Lens

My Artist’s Statement for this series:

I see water and it reminds of the way my depression and anxiety distorts my view of the world around me. Depending on the angle I’m looking from or time of day, I may be able to see the bottom, or what’s going on under the surface. That’s the difference in feeling grounded, or in control, or clear-headed, or not at all! Turbulent emotions don’t hide themselves. When they take over, I am well aware that I cannot trust what I perceive as really what’s happening, or even to myself to make a judgment with any amount of importance. In those times, I can’t see what is real, and I know it. There are those times when I am in control, with a sense of calmness, but that is easily disturbed sending ripples of sadness and anxiety in every directions.

No matter what mood the water is in, it somehow reflects my view of how life is unfolding. Is that a shallow pool to play in, or a hole that will drown me? For me, sometimes there is no way to know without jumping in whole-hearted, and hope I don’t get washed down stream or find the water is deeper than I am tall.