Solitude or Solitary

March 25 2015

I spent the morning in the North Georgia mountains at High Shoals Creek Falls and the hiking trail leading to it.


The place is beautiful of course.  And the logic side of my brain is always stimulated by moving water and how differently I can make it apprear in photos playing with shutter speed, aperture, and a polarizer.  I get mesmerized studying and experimenting with variables and trying to make the water apprear the right degree of moving.  Not too blurry, but not frozen in time.  Different parts of the falls require different setting because of the different speeds of the water flowing or falling.

The other side of my brain won’t let the beauty of my surroundings fall into my heart.  I know cognitively that I should be filled with awe and emotion, but my depression (and meds probably) keeps that emotional condom tightly enclosing me so that I can only see and admire but not feel.

So am I in the solitude of a quiet heavenly serene surrounding, or am I in solitary comfinement; seeing but not feeling?

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